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Heidi Mossman passionately serves Colorado Springs and surrounding areas with creative family photography that surpasses expectations and seeks to tell the story of family, connection, and love through the eyes of family lifestyle portraiture. Her photographer’s eye informs creative posing, breathtaking and touching scenes, and the staging of shots naturally tell the story of her clients through eye-catching visual technique.

Heidi knows that family photography is an adventure in storytelling; it is an opportunity to reveal the nuance of personalities and visually portray the relationships and connections that families so uniquely develop. Her family photography sessions result in portraits that are cherished and valued by pleased clients who understand that family photography goes beyond the moment to sum up the fleeting days of growing a family, and she finds personal fulfillment in seeing her work proudly displayed on the walls of families who have trusted her as their family photographer. Her dedication to the craft of photography and portraiture is apparent in her professional and creative approach, but her passion is apparent in the stunning results that fill her portfolio.

Family photography is more than a career to Heidi; it is a rewarding passion that has earned her accolades and publication in places such as Cordera Living and Real Producers. Most rewarding to Heidi, perhaps, is seeing her artist’s eye-view framed on the walls of client’s homes, seeing how her work has captured important eras of a family’s life.

Heidi Mossman

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