Senior Portraits

September 14, 2018 by cap_admin719 in Services
Senior Portraits

Most excellent senior portrait photographer serving the Colorado Springs area. This unique gallery of high school senior pictures provides a stunning sampling of professional senior portraits.

One of the most exciting times in a person’s life is their last year of high school. It’s a time to reflect and look forward to what the future holds. While it’s exciting, it’s also hard to let go as a parent. Embracing the last year is important. That is why making this a memorable experience for the graduate and parent. It’s the experience that counts, and that is what sets Heidi Mossman apart from others. She will not only make this a memorable experience for the graduate and parent, but will also create portraits to be cherished for a lifetime. Capturing the very essence of each client, their personality, character, passions, and interests is a by-product of her graduation photography sessions. She is creative with posing, scenes, and brings out the best in her subjects. Her senior portrait sessions and portraits are highly regarded by her customers and in the community. She is considered to be amongst the best in the Colorado Springs area.


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